Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A light unto the world

Our church is in a transition period. We sold our building and we have been using a conference room (former movie theatre) in Tampa's NetPark for our Wed services and we meet at a local college, HCC Ybor campus, on Sundays.

This was necessary as we had outgrown our previous building and location, so this frees us up in some ways until we can find and purchase a piece of land and or a building.

Our pastor has decided to change our Wednesday evening service by having us meet in each other's homes. For a title of these meeting, he has chosen "Lighthouse Groups". We have done small groups before, but the emphasis seemed to be on fellowship. Pastor's vision for these groups is for the emphasis to be on the word of God. Fellowship will be a natural outflow of that.

The development of meaningful relationships between children of God is very important to me, personally. Yet, I am one of the least successful in this pursuit. I don't know if it's a matter of time management or social skills or what, but I am hopeful that these lighthouse groups will allow more opportunities for me to develop those relationships with my brothers and sisters.

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